Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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# 2007 year in review: mid-market storage management strategy trends

Mid-market storage management was affected by several key trends in 2007, including: Mid-market storage management was affected by several key...
01/01/08 by Frank Jablonski · More from publication

# 2007 year in review: reducing the challenges of overwhelming data growth

Exponentially increasing data growth, extremely competitive global economies, and tightening compliance regulations across all industries made the...
01/01/08 by Karen Dutch · More from publication

# 2007 in review: scaling business analytics applications

The growing reliance on business analytics to improve strategic operational decision making and increase an organization's competitive advantage is...
01/01/08 by Gary Orenstein · More from publication

# 2008 forecast: creating a dynamic IT infrastructure with grid storage

Today's IT organization is getting squeezed from all directions. To support more data, storage environments continue to grow and become more...
01/01/08 by Karen Dutch · More from publication

# 2008 forecast: mapping your data center caching strategy

Caching has long been deployed to optimize performance of systems and applications. It is a proven concept with implementations ranging from...
01/01/08 by Jack O'Brien · More from publication

# 2008 forecast: media asset management in the video world

Each year, CIOs and IT managers everywhere ponder the technology initiatives that will shape their businesses in the coming year(s). In 2008,...

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